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We can’t wait to show you this year’s special EXOTIKON 2 Secret Society Rings! Here’s the work-in-progress concept sketches. We’ll post FINAL PRODUCTION PHOTOS of the ring in the next week!


Limited supply available! Don’t miss out! Kollect them all!

The EXOTIKON SECERT SOCIETY RINGS automatically gain you entry to the EXOTIKON SECRET SOCIETY! Ain’t that great? During the year, we’ll announce exclusive BAR and SPECIAL SPOT MEET-UPS as well as unique deals, merch and discounts ONLY AVAILABLE TO RING HOLDERS. Don’t get left out in the cold!

At this year’s EXOTIKON, ringholders of ONE RING get 10% off at the PEEKABOO MERCH BOOTH. Ringholders with BOTH RINGS get 15% off at the PEEKABOO MERCH BOOTH!


THERE ARE TWO RING SIZES SMALL & LARGE, Depending on your hand size, these will work for both MEN and WOMEN. They are adjustable and you can get custom sized at pick up.

EXOTIKON 2 Secret Society Ring