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To commemorate EXOTIKON ONE and show your good standing in “The Benevolent Order of EXOTIKON”, this hand-crafted keepsake was specially designed by EXOTIKON founder, Jordan Reichek. The rings are custom made, right here in Los Angeles, CA and feature antiqued pewter and capped with a forbidden jewel. This magical stone grants its wearer, much good fortune and a somewhat mild protection from hangovers.


*Shown is the prototype ring. We shall update here and on social, the final production rings as they are finished.


TWO rings are available in GORILLA and HULA, or what is sometimes referred to as MALE and FEMALE for sizing purposed only. Your choice for whatever you think fits your fancy.


The GORILLA features a “wild gorilla” on the side, symbolizing the raw, untamed ferocity of the savage beast within us all. The ring is adjustable to fit most male ring sizes.


The HULA GIRL features a vintage inspired dancer, symbolizing the culture and grace of the islands of Polynesia. The ring is adjustable to fit most female sizes.


*These rings are limited in supply and only an EXOTIKON WORLD PASSPORT guarantees you access to one of these rare pieces of EXOTIC JEWELRY.



What you are gazing upon is the latest TIKI MUG release from Peekaboo Gallery. This is the official mug of EXOTIKON Festival ONE! Designed by Jordan Reichek, the mug is honoring a stylized Marquesan carving photographed by Tiki historian/author, SVEN KIRSTEN at one of his URBAN ARCHEOLOGY expeditions to the defunct THE TIKIS II theme park in Lake Elsinore, CA. The photo was featured in both BOOK of TIKI and OCEANIC ARTS: The Godfathers of TIKI.


THE TIKIS theme park will be featured and celebrated at EXOTIKON ONE this year with a xymposium and full stage performance recreation of AN EVENING at THE TIKIS.


This exclusive mug design has the leaning effigy arising from the mouth of “Mount Balsz”, the giant exploding volcano in the center of our stage show! (Named after Danny Balsz, creator of THE TIKIS)


These are limited and come blind boxed in one of three gorgeous colorways. What a way to celebrate EXOTIKON by sipping some sweet tropical libations with this spectacular limited-edition mug, hand-crafted in the USA.

These mugs will be exclusively reserved for our first EXOTIKON WORLD PASSPORT holders which give you unlimited access to EVERY musical performance, xymposium, exclusive meet ‘n greet, signings, burlesque shows and rum tastings (rum tastings are limited with reservation due to size, yet there are two each day of the festival).  


GOLDEN EXOTIKON WORLD PASSPORT holders are guaranteed this mug with their purchase at a $30 discount.


EXOTIKON WORLD PASSPORT and SINGLE DAY PASSPORT holders will be able to purchase at the show (supplies limited).

*Shown is the prototype sculpt. Final mug will vary slightly in detail from the sample and each individual mug will also vary as a handmade product. We shall update here and on social the final production mugs as they are finished.

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