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This exclusive lounge will be accessible to all our visitors for a more intimate experience where guests can take a luxurious break from the full paced action in the rest of EXOTIKON. Sponsored by the fab artist SHAG, visitors will find SHAG art and inspired decor as if you’ve been transported to a living SHAG painting! Luxuriate in the atmosphere with smooth Exotica tunes spinning and a SWINGER BAR with SHAG-themed cocktails just outside. Special SHAG/EXOTIKON merch available here.


Special guest signings and meet and greets will pepper the days festivities. Check the daily schedule for these special events.


Kick off your Gucci loafers and sit back with a SHAG MY-TIE!

SHAG aka JOSH AGLE is a world-renown painter, designer and illustrator working in Southern California. His distinctive artistic style draws from commercial illustration from the past five decades, but the work is imbued with an attitude and sly sense of humor which is unmistakably of our time. Solo exhibitions of Shag's work have been held in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia and South America.

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